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Default Re: 62(1+2) = ?

Originally Posted by mathman26 View Post
@jhawkkw : Hey bud... I just spoke with a colleague of mine, who is a Space Science specializing in Physics graduate, with lots of defence research time. We chatted this morning over this equation, agreeing you can argue either way, and quickly ended up at the same place we did "It is a crap question with arguments either way.. you would need to know the flaws in the s/w program to avoid them... and on paper we would use proper notation". That aside, he did bring this up, and I would like your take on it.
The "9" people do this: 2n = 2 * n, so
6/2(2+1) = 6 / 2 * (2+1).
But then he said he would write 2n = (2 * n) and not just 2n = 2*n
I think he is more for '9', not that it matters, but that point did strike me as interesting... thoughts?

lol @ 'correct' answer.
Indeed, it really is a crap question with designed ambiguity meant to start debates/fights. The 2n = 2*n is the strict interpretation that I mentioned above. But indeed it may not make logical sense. I don't allow calculators in my class because it does 2 things:
1)Makes people lazy so that they don't know how to do basic arithmetic
2)Can actually make people get wrong answers that they would normally get correct on paper because of that strict vs logic entering of an equation.

Like I mentioned above, the answer should just be 42 since it's the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.
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