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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
Why are we getting freaked out about confiscation of guns when we know it won't happen and we agree it won't happen?
Well, if you do not trust Uncle Sam, you can ague that these changes in the law are just a few more steps towards a ban. I agree with you. Chances are it will not happen.

Obama is not King and if we elect a decent president, perhaps he or she will stem the tide.

It is not what Obama did; it is all about the many small changes that slowly erode certain rights as well as his use of executive orders. If you are not watching carefully, things have a way of sneaking up on you.

The size of the clip is not an issue. I seem to recall being able to load my Rugar Security Six quite quickly. The Speed Loader works well. As soon as a nut-bar kills a bunch of kids and he used a Speed Loader, expect to see those banned, too. The public will think that is just fine and another barrier is erected.

So, gun bans? Not likely. Are there powers that be that want all guns gone? Bloody well right.
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