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Originally Posted by davoid View Post
Did you read BabelFish's post earlier in which he links to a post of his on another forum where he relayed a technical report sent to him from Sandisk of a corrupted SDCard he had returned for refund? It identified that the disk had become corrupted and unusable because of an unstable supply of power from the device during the writing process.

I think that this represents something in regard to the S3 killing SD cards.

But of the number of S3s sold worldwide we have no idea how many cards they have corrupted that have simply been returned by people who don't post on forums about android phones, or don't suspect the phone and instead just assume it is the fault of the card. Inquiring of Sandisk how many cards they have had returned would paint a more accurate picture, but they're not likely to release any such damning information that would make their product look susceptible to failure. Unless they could gather enough evidence to implicate Samsung in the failures.

And if Samsung realize there is a problem it is something they would obviously like kept quiet as they would be the cause of a loss of profit for Sandisk due to replacements and refunds. I wonder if Sandisk could claim damages from Samsung if it were proven that the S3 is damaging their Cards...

Basically both the guys above are wrong or right.....we don't know. Certainly possible that the Samsungs (or maybe just SOME Samsungs) have an ability to fry cards, or it could just be the law of large numbers combined with huge sample bias. When you get the error sitting at home, what do you do? Google it, which brings you to this thread, after which you read the thread and then post that you also had the issue. We've had a few playas post "I have not had a problem, therefore it couldn't be the phone" which is just as silly of a statement too.
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