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I dont think the assault weapons ban has anything to do with the safety of civilians, including school shootings, sniper attacks, etc. These recent events are being used as propaganda in attempt to convince American citizens and government to support the ban. I believe the government, more specifically Obama, wants to disarm American citizens so we cant protect ourselves from the government in the event of economy collapse, or any other major event.

There is no question whether or not Obama wants full power. He seeks monarch power. Trying to use Executive Orders proves it. He tries to link the 2nd amendment to hunting and sports shooting, when the 2nd amendment is for the citizens to protect themselves from corrupt government and policing. The government violates our 1st amendment as well, in multiple ways. This includes using armed police and military personnel to fight against peaceful protesters and activists. The government has staged events during protests where officers would act as riots and destroy cars and break windows. One specific event of this was a police car parked on the street of a protest. No police in it. There were 3 undercover officers acting as rioters in attempt to get the peaceful protesters excited to where they started rioting, and the nearby riot-control would attack them, and use it against protesters. However a true wise-man uncovered what they were doing. The officers were pretended to be arrested.

The government compares semi automatic rifles to military assault rifles, based on their body style and cosmetics. A rifle that looks like a military rifle because of its greyish metalic appearance and AK/AR styled magazine, pistol grip etc, but shoots exactly like a semi-automatic hunting rifle, its considered an assault weapon when its nothing more than a sporting rifle with a military-like theme. There are sporting rifles just like there are sports cars. It comes down to taste. Sports cars are considered cool, so are military rifles. So why not tag military-rifle lookalikes as assault rifles.

Another concern is guns being registered. Registering isnt going to prevent criminals from killing people. And criminals wont even get their guns registered. Citizens registering their guns will just tell the government where to go when its time for a full gun-ban and confiscation.

I honestly dont think a weapons ban would be that bad. Im more concerned about the government having full control over the citizens. We will lose more and more freedom over time. With all the militias that have been created over the last decade, theres no doubt the government wants to disarm them so they can have greater control of our lives and the future without worrying about the citizens revolting.
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