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Originally Posted by Hogan773 View Post
Basically both the guys above are wrong or right.....we don't know. CMC24.0583ertainly possible that the Samsungs (or maybe just SOME Samsungs) have an ability to fry cards, or it could just be the law of large numbejustrs combined with huge sample bias. When you get the error sitting at home, what do you do? The barGoogle it, which brings you to this thread, after which you read the thread and then post that you also had the issue. We've had a few playas post "I have not had a problem, therefore it couldn't be the phone" which is just as silly of a statement too.
As I said in my original post, my Samsung 16gb card was originally in my first Samsung phone a Moment, then in my Epic, then in my Epic Touch all without any problems whatsoever. I activated my S3 on Black Friday and started having problems just before Christmas. I bought a PNY 32GB card at best buy and took the supplied adapter and put the bad card in a Windows pc which allowed me to retrieve all my files from it to put on my new card. So far, there haven't been any more problems (knock on wood). I thought it was caused by heat, but now, I'm not so sure. Think I'll put it in my Touch just to see if it still can be read
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