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Default Re: Favorite App so far....

Firstly, I do have a rooted phone (s) and using custom ROMs as well. So some of these are apps that require root and or customized ROMs but most are everyday apps for any phone/configuration.

Yes this is a BIG LIST and a LONG POST. But hopefully this helps a few out there and introduces a new app or two that may become very useful.

Here are 25 that I ALWAYS have and get installed on every different phone, flash, update or new ROM I may have.
Brief description included as well as reason(s) its a fav or must-have.

1. Root explorer:
Name says it all. My fav for browsing the file system on my phone with ability to see all system folders/files and ability to modify anything I want along with updated storage size and usage stats by device, partition or mem card.

2. Titanium Backup:
can't go without this one for rooted phones. Saves all my apps and data. Allows me to freeze apps or remove/convert system apps.

3. Tapatalk:
A must have for forums such as this. Much better then going via website. Good features and great directory to access thousands of forums.

4. Better Battery Stats/GSAM Battery Monitor Pro/Battery Monitor Widget:
These are 3 separate battery monitoring apps of which I always have one or more installed to track how my battery is being drained. All great in their own ways. Better Battery Stats can seem very advanced to some though with the information it logs.

5. Nova Launcher (Prime)/ Apex Launcher/TSF Shell:
Well this is always a toss up for most because the two top launchers these days are almost always Nova and Apex...I was always Apex but typically use Nova more these days but outside of that I now frequently utilize TSF Shell. That is practically an OS onto itself more then a launcher. That thing is amazing and customizable beyond belief! Too costly for most at $16...but I love it and now use this most of the time now...and am still learning stuff cuz it is extensive and takes time to learn but if you want a change to something different and amazing then check it the video in the play store.

6. Screebl Pro:
A screen shutdown app that will in turn save battery. A simple app but a must have for myself. It keeps the screen on when in use....and shuts it down when not. It does this by recognizing the angle the phone is being held at so basically whenever its not perfectly flat it knows its in use so u can keep the screen timeout at 15 seconds but those 15 seconds only start when flat...because the screen timeout by itself is OK but what about when browsing and are using the device but are reading it and not touching buttons so it shuts down the screen. This prevents that and let's u keep the shortest timeout possible.

7. Screen Filter:
This app allows to control screen brightness by percentage...what's different about this and androids brightness u ask? Well 0% is still far too bright when using your phone in the dark or very dim places, which I do a lot. So I keep my brightness at 0% on the phone and then set this filter(s) which can be setup in easy use one click widgets to percentage between 15%-50% and this makes the screen MUCH darker for use in the dark but still fine for viewing and this saves A LOT OF BATTERY LIFE! Probably my biggest battery saver/technique.

This is self explanatory. I think one of the best if not the best speed testing sites with multiple servers to truely test one's speed. I'm on LTE and occasionally want to check my speeds so I always use this. Its easy and reliable. BTW my lastest peak is now 71.71 Mbps!! With frequently daily peaks in the 60" avg is 25-45mbps where I live..and I see these speeds in actual downloading to confirm what I see when I test.

9. Stability Test:
As stated I'm rooted and rom'd so I tweak a lot which includes over clocking and undervolting and this app is a must have for myself to extensively test the stability of my clock speeds and voltage settings when I tweak. Great and simple app.

10. Camera360:
This is one of many camera apps I now have that are good with good appearance, settings and shots.

11. My Data Manager:
There are many data tracking apps but this is now my daily I always use. Very efficient and tracks WiFi and carrier data usage and is great for seeing extensive usage stats by day by app, etc..another must have.

12. Tune-in Radio Pro:
Great radio app with good widget too. Can find any radio station in North America or world I believe and can search/sort by many categories and save favs.

13. Score Mobile:
My #1 sports score/updates app and widget. Very nicely developed and very customizable with great widget.

14. Air Calc:
Great calculator app that opens and runs as a separate window *on top* of whatever else you're doing or app you're running. Was like Windows or Multiview before it came out.

A second to this is Floating Browser. Not the best browser out there but decent and it runs on top of other apps in its own window. Quite nice.

15. Last Call Widget Pro:
A simple widget I run from my home screen that show the last call or text. The name and number and the time it came in with the ability to one click and have it dial the number or respond via text. Simple but a must for myself.

16. Autostarts:
I HAVE TO KNOW what apps are running at startup or in other situations and this app shows that with the ability to disable them if wanted. Helps with speed, performance and battery of my phone. Requires root I believe.

17. Disk Usage:
A simple but effective app that shows how ALL of the data on your phone or ext SD card is arranged, stored and organized in a simple resizable sideways bar graphing sort of view. Sometimes you just don't know where all that data is being used up or what folders certain things are in. This easily shows that.

18. System Tuner Pro:
A great app with several sub categorized apps within it to view, change or customize practically anything to do with the system of Android. Task managers, app stats, CPU usage, startups, voltage and CPU tweaks, ram usage and cleaning, scripts and MANY more things to view and or change.

19. Business Calendar:
A great widget app to have 3 different types of calendars or agendas right at your fingertips with a lot if customization.

20. Terminal Emulator:
A key when rooted and or rom'd as I prefer to use this command prompt directly from my phone as opposed to running ADB shell via USB from my PC.

21. ROM Toolbox:
Another toolkit with various apps having to do with customizing and flashing ROMs.

22. GPS test plus:
A great GPS testing utility that on some phones and ROMs is a must when GPS isn't running up to par and or has been altered.

23. Smart Tools:
A great one stop app for all kinds of tools like measuring utilities, flashlight, compass, level and many more.

A second to this is Convert Pad as a great app to convert just about anything like weight, length, volume, data, etc.

24. Multicon:
A simple but useful tool I used more in the past before switching to TSF Shell as my launcher. It allows to setup several icons on a home screen in many different formats that can let you fit 4 icons in a typical 1icon spot among other setups. Great to save space or get more out of your space.

25. Droid of the Day/Appbrain App Market:
Good apps to find good apps!...Some of the ones listed here I found through these apps.

Well, there it is...I know this was long but hopefully useful post for some of you.

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