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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
Clarify . . . are you saying that if I run Linux, there is absolutely no possible way I will suffer a virus?

I took a look and remember, I am not an expert.

Meet Linux Viruses | Unixmen
Most those seem to be experimental or proof of concepts from the late 90s. Or they involve the users doing something, like opening a malicious document, code injection. Hopefully no Linux users are running something like OpenOffice, or internet browser, or IM, or e-mail client with root privileges, e.g. "$ sudo openoffice" Which is something Windows does by default. all software runs with admin/root privileges. Although MS have tried to stop that.

As a teacher in China, I'm always opening potentially malicious and dangerous documents. I'm using Linux, but if LibreOffice or MS Office on Wine, suddenly asked for my root password, because of some document trying to do something to the system. I'd immediately know, something is wrong here.

This why logging in as root is always a bad idea. I've never had to do that. Login as root is sometimes hidden in certain distros, to protect novice users from themselves, and you don't need it anyway.
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