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Default Re: Rant Thread - What really grinds your gears?

Originally Posted by Chex Remix View Post
It doesn't really make me mad, but just disappointed. None of the internet communities I used to go to are really any fun anymore. They're all bitter, hostile, and troll-infested with bandwagoners everywhere. Nobody really has a voice anymore, there's only one right opinion. There's nothing to really discuss anymore, because there's nothing you can discuss anymore without that one person showing up and ruining it for everyone.

I come online to avoid the monotony of everyday real life, but it seems like lately it's been just as bad, if not worse. I guess I should just take a break for a while.
I certainly hope this is not the case here. As my earlier post re: searching mentioned, the mods value courtesy a lot higher than product knowledge. And that is the way it should be.

Originally Posted by Chex Remix View Post
Not this forum, mostly the gaming forums I used to go to. Almost every one of them has become insufferably stupid. There are a few less active boards that I go to that aren't so bad, though.
Ahh, those kids. Lol, yeah that's the issue with the kids - I was rather rambunctious myself when I was younger and tagging on at different BBSs around town, then around the world.
I finally realized, though, that I could easily be a jackass any time - but people tended to respect me more when I was not, even if I didn't have a clue as to what I was saying (well, everywhere except XDA, maybe lol)

Originally Posted by Liamo_210 View Post
I have to say this is the only forum were I am treated with respect and get call names just because people think my questions are stupid. I too have had bad experience with gaming forums the worst was with a FIFA forum and because of the abuse I no longer venture to the forums or play the game.

I agree with you though its getting increasingly hard to stay away from those sort of people. Hang in there.
Glad to hear it - the mods and green guys like myself go to great pains to try to keep that atmosphere exactly as it should be - fun, relaxing, entertaining, and knowledgeable. I, for one think all my fellow greenie beanies and the red heads do a fabulous job. Me, maybe not so much

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