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It is a cli command to backup partitions to another device or partition.

example command:

fsarchiver savefs /mnt/backup/gentoo-rootfs.fsa /dev/sda1

The example show the command, create a backup using savefs, save it to the destination, and backup source partition.

To restore it I would use a command like this:

fsarchiver restfs /mnt/backup/gentoo-rootfs.fsa id=0,dest=/dev/sda1

What I would like is a script to use it as such:

when I run the script, it will check for an external device and/or a disc in the cd/dvd drive before starting.

the command also can use options if I was to backup to a cd/dvd disc, such as this:

fsarchiver savefs -s 4300 /data/backup-rhel-5.2-fsa033.fsa /dev/sda1

For instance, if the size of your backup is 8GB and you want to save it on DVD+RW discs, it may be useful to split the archive into volumes of 4.3GB.

The -s 4300 is the option for that.

This is basically what I would like. But if you can just get me started on the basic I should be able to add whatever else I may want it to do.
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