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Originally Posted by Prinny View Post
Posting in this so I can keep up with it on TT

I do have a question though. This is more generic than having to do with bash and whatnot. Well sort of. Anyway!

Source based distros (Gentoo, Sourcery, etc.) Do you think that they are better than distros such as Ubuntu? I understand that Gentoo and the like are not for your average/novice Linux user. I tried Gentoo, and I for the life of me could not get it to work.

Regardless. Which do you think is better for the most part? Or is it one of those "case to case" things?
I think Source based distros are relevant to those that only want to install what they need. In a server operation this could work out for the benefit if you need specific compilation on the hardware you're using.

The average users really don't need it, plus with newer hardware may not be worth it.

Sourcemage is my favorite SBD, but I haven't messed with it a couple of years.
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