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i started when i was in college, heard about this 'Free' OS for awhile and found (site seems to have changed owners and looks completely different now) and downloaded Basiclinux, my first distro--had to compile everything. X windows actually booting up without a WM or DE was at the time something to be proud of at least for me, and using the links browser in frame buffer graphics mode was a feat in engineering in BL. but unfortunately it was not ready to replace Windows. that did not end up happening 100% until a few days ago. but i did distro hop in and out of Windows space a bit, i bought the complete Red Hat 7 set, six discs with a couple for source code, every app that was available in the repos at time of release. wow. but eventually Netscape couldn't keep up so back to Windows i went. also, RH 7 wouldn't run Bearshare--it would load the app but it would not connect. and that was a heavy used app at the time. also, my CD Burner refused to play nice with the old software it had. suddenly having every app released at the time of the disc set was not as impressive as it was when i bought it. i later burned the first Ubuntu, of course being stupid, as a deer lover myself i liked the name Feisty Fawn. but it really had zero support for a very used Compaq 1200 series. no support for PCMCIA, USB wifi, or anything i used. but it did have sound and the video going. but without internet was essentially useless. back to Windows. then came Mandriva. hard disc decided to go into an infinite activity loop and the distro refused to boot, couldn't fsck either as it woule auto reboot when entering root password. back to Windows. well you can see what ended up happening by my past threads here.
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