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Originally Posted by chrlswltrs View Post
The greatest sporting event in the history of the world...
It's not going to be shown on Chinese TV though. In fact CCTV(China Central TV) doesn't show any NFL football at all. Totally unlike NBA basketball, that's always on. It's not for the want of trying though. The NFL has spent some serious $$$$$ trying to promote gridiron football here, with exhibition matches, expensive shopping mall and department store promotions, NFL China website, etc, but so far it's been an almost complete fail. They tried to do the same in Europe years ago, with NFL Europe and their own leagues, that's dead.

Think the problem is, it's difficult and costly to implement properly at the school and college level, so hardly anyone is playing it. Plus it can be difficult to understand and follow what's going on as well, especially if you're not brought up with it. I don't really understand it, although I'm British. It's like cricket, they don't play cricket in China either, apart from Hong Kong.

However some other imported games, like basketball, that's huge, all schools and colleges play it. And there's CBA(China Basketball Association) as well, that's always on TV here, along with NBA and KBA. Probably because it's easy to implement and play, and understand and follow what's going on. Snooker is very popular here and association football(soccer) is quite popular as well... there's a lot of Manchester United fans in China as well as LA Lakers fans...
The China Bowl was the name of a proposed National Football League (NFL) pre-season exhibition game that had been scheduled to take place in August 2007, but later postponed to 2009 and ultimately canceled,
NFL in China: Not ****ing Likely

Even when I've tried to describe gridiron or American football to my students. They always say 橄榄球(Gǎnlǎnqi), which actually means "rugby football".
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