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I had not realised how different routers can be. I had a Netgear router for several years, it had ran several of my phones, my Nexus 7 and my laptop without many problems. I did notice that in some parts of the house the wifi dropped but put that down to the size of the house. I noticed that I had a couple of web sites that I had trouble loading on the laptop and put this down to the sites. One day a friend who works in IT came to visit and suggested I get a new router. I went for an Asus RTN66U, it got good reviews, it was not cheap but I got it for a good price on Amazon. Well what can I say, amazing, I never have wifi drop not even in the garden. I get great download speeds and I have never had a problem with a web site, it even provided wireless connection to the printer. I would not have believed changing the router could have made such a difference and improvement. Something to think about.
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