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Originally Posted by WAWood8 View Post
YES ... that is the case.
statistics say otherwise.

I have used four different smart phones, and three different cameras, all using SD cards -- and THIS phone is the ONLY device that has trashed SD cards. So, in my experience, YES, the phone has something to do with the cards dying -- it's killed them!
How many of those smartphones and cameras had a thread about cards dying in them?

Even if only 100 units experience problems, out of 10 million phones, while that is a very small percentage, that is not zero -- it is not "nothing".
Statistically it is nothing and does not count as a problem. If the phone was causing that, we would be seeing it on a much larger scale.

It IS statistically insignificant (the term you should have used instead of "represents nothing") and, because of that, it is very unlikely that Samsung would commit any time or resources to fixing this problem.
It simply means that there are as many cards dying in this phone as there might be in any other piece of equipment. See above regarding posts about cards dying in other equipment.

But, for those of us who HAVE been affected by this, saying it "represents nothing" is being insulting.
I am just saying that having a thread with 100 people reporting a problem with their cards does not mean the phone causes the problem.
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