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Originally Posted by Szadzik View Post
How many of those smartphones and cameras had a thread about cards dying in them?
NONE -- but this phone DOES have threads about cards dying in them.

Statistically it is nothing and does not count as a problem.
In Samsung's view, YES, it is statistically insignificant. In the view of folks affected by this problem, it is a very different picture. In my case, 2 out of 3 SGS3s had this problem -- that is 67% for me, and THAT is statistically significant -- for me.

If the phone was causing that, we would be seeing it on a much larger scale.
No necessarily. I've read on other forums that it is a KLUDGE to get Android ICS (and JB) to even WORK with SD cards. So, the fact that this kludge fails on a small scale is quite possible.

It simply means that there are as many cards dying in this phone as there might be in any other piece of equipment. See above regarding posts about cards dying in other equipment.
That might be true -- but it still does not mean that this phone does NOT have a problem.

I am just saying that having a thread with 100 people reporting a problem with their cards does not mean the phone causes the problem.
If it were the case that, in all of these failures, it was the same BRAND of SD card, or the same Size of SD card, or the same Speed of SD card -- then it would most likely be that one thing that is in common. But, if you actually READ through these threads, you will find exceptions to these attributes.

I did hardware testing for a few years at a Laboratory a while back, and when we found failures in a set of equipment, and one item was common across all the failures -- it was THAT item that was most likely the main cause of the problem.

In this case, across all the different brands, sizes, and speeds of SD cards, the item that is the common one is THIS phone.

And ... in my own experience, I've used different brands, sizes, and speeds of SD cards across a variety of equipment, and as I indicated earlier, the ONLY piece of equipment that trashed ANY of those SD cards was this phone. And, of the SGS3s I have had, TWO of them have done the same thing -- I am on the third now.

So, you can choose to believe what you want -- I'm not arguing with you any more.
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