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Originally Posted by copestag View Post
techinally speaking by constitutional law....... there should be nobody prevented for any reason........ convictions/mental status/sex/height/AGE/gay/black/alaskan/etc/etc........ but I digress ..... as common sense does dictate that some groups for the good of humanity need to be prevented

Some could argue that common sense changes with time, and is an individuals own perspective!

Surely SOME people would see registering guns as common sense, just the same as you see not allowing certain people rights to guns!

As for the term Assualt Weapon, i agree that there is no such weapon/s, but it becoming a reguarly used term, look at most video games, its pretty obviouse that it is high capacity quick reloading GUNS... Language changes, definitions change.... They should, of course define this if using this wording in any currently proposed weapons law!

Personally i dont see any issue with not being able to carry a gun about with me, i know that the majority of people i meet and see in and around the streets, do not have a gun...hell most do not have a weapon at all! This means im not worrying and fearing for the worst constantly, if i did have a gun and some one else started shooting up, what good is me having it, if i got shot first anyway?

Naturally things are different for me as i dont have any "Constitutional Rights" but then i dont fear that my government is going to go crazy and declare martial law etc

We live in different times from the times the constitution was written, the first speed limit was written around the same time, but i bet you dont drive at that same speed!?!?!
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