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Originally Posted by TBarone87 View Post
Same thing with my ultra. I've been lucky lately though as it has worked fine. My ultra was submerged in my pool for about 10sec. I put it in rice for 2 full days and (knock on wood) it works great.
Weird you said that. Just the other day my phone fell out of my hoodie pocket and i didn't realize for like 20 min! Went to look outside (mind you, I live in the south east of Michigan and weather is all over the place), and found it in a ice puddle!! My battery was out and phone submerged in the ice puddle! (3500mAh double capacity, 30-40 hrs on a single charge!)

Took back to house and blew out as much water as possible (couldn't see a water damage sticker most, so it must be on board or something maybe IDK), and buried it in a bowl of white rice for about an hour (know it should be longer but I was already under the assumption the TU was dead and gone, dead and gone lol) Popped battery back in and it turned on (good sign for most) but made a call and both mic and speaker didn't recognize either incoming or outgoing sound. Pulled battery back out and put back in rice for a few hours, then took out and set it up about 3-4ft away from a space heater on low and woke up and CHA CHING! Worked!

So i have been lucky too lately, I have about 150 apps on my 2nd EXT4 partition and still havent touched my internal space! Thought my 8gb SD was gonna be messed up and it wasn't!

So for anyone that has ANY water damage to ANY device with a battery, PULL IT ASAP and use the RICE TRICK! Many friends of mine it has worked and not worked, but I am a believer now and already knew about the rice trick but NEVER had to use before.

Still rooted running MegaTron ROM and works well, anyone know where the water damage sticker would be? Doesn't matter much as I'll be buying a new phone soon anyway.
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