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Originally Posted by lRiakzerM View Post
Okay, but if I join this Premium membership can I absolutely accomplish what I've requested, or is it just a gateway to higher tech things in general?

Also, can I do it without rooting my phone?

Thx again.
Signatures don't require root.

"Sent from my XXX" is an application signature, popular with Tapatalk users. (That can be turned off so you just get your forum signature.)

I'm not aware of any way to do images in a Tapatalk signature.

Getting images via a premium membership will work when you're on a browser or using Tapatalk with its signatures turned off.

Our signatures only show up on your first post of any page within a thread.

Tapatalk babbles a signature out with every post - part of why it's so annoying.

You can try a premium membership for one month to see if you like it, that's $5.
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