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Originally Posted by ocnbrze View Post
too bad you do not have a slingbox here in the US. that way you can watch NFL over there via the internet or the slingbox app. my sister is a laker fan and she can watch games all the way in australia!!!
It's easy enough to watch Lakers games here, and Celtics, etc. as well as the Beijing Ducks and the Shanghai Sharks. CCTV5 is an almost dedicated basketball channel. Plus there's a heck of a lot of Kobe Bryant posters in the student dorms.

Originally Posted by ocnbrze View Post
too bad she hates the nfl and will not be doing anything special over there.
There's going to be some official NFL Superbowl parties...
Official NFL Super Bowl Parties in China_???????_NFL?????? doubt that'll keep some of the expats happy.

I'll be able to find a way to watch it. More than likely will be shown on the NFL China website. Although I'm not quite sure where I'm going to be on Monday morning, 4th Feb, we're on holiday now.

BTW we don't play baseball in China either. MLB had a go and spent some $$$$, but has no presence at all here now. And the one ballpark they had in Beijing, was pulled down just after the Olympics. My students do seem to know what baseball is, unlike gridiron. Although they don't play baseball. They're always playing basketball, and soccer sometimes.
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