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Default Re: Google+ Accounts Now Used for Play Store Reviews

Originally Posted by pmm75 View Post
I agree forcing anything like social networks on users is bad, like when you couldn't create a Spotify account without a Facebook account. However, what you write above I find very hard to believe would stand in any court in western world. On working hours, yes but on your free time, never.

FWIW, I also did a trial review. It shows my name but nothing in my stream which I guess is ok by me. Not preferred but I guess it makes other reviews more trustworthy in my eyes.

Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
If you are using a company issued phone you can be barred from using social networking on the phone even in your own time. On your own phone, no, they have no say. But with some companies demanding access to your social accounts, you could still have trouble. Some companies also demand you have a social account.

2 states just passed laws making this illegal. A school or company cannot ask for access to a private account.

I still think Google is doing this to one-up FB.

Just to explain...

In a previous job, as a Government contractor, working for a specific agency, I was required not only to delete a MySpace account I had at the time, but I also was required to sign a document prohibiting me from using any social networking site for a period of 25 years.
I signed the document because I wanted to keep the job I had at the time, did not really care either way about social networks, and did not want to get into a tangle with the Federal Govt.

As for using Government or a company owned computer or smartphone, I didn't. How the government agency knew I had a MySpace account, I really don't know. Honestly, the MySpace account had nothing on it except my name, age, e-mail address, and the city where I lived.

Since then, I have not used any Social Networking site. I am a member of this site, other Forum sites, and Linkedin.

Each time I have joined such a site, I checked with the company FSO and got his approval. I am, however, still prohibited from using sites such as Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc.
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