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so.. I just wanted to say I am not one of those militant veg heads that pushes my own personal moral decisions on others.. In fact I am probably the worst veg on the planet because I am not a healthy fruit veg eater..I basically live on potato chips but hey it's bread in a bottle right? I'm kind of a light weight.. I get all silly on 2..(good beer) sigh....last night I ate a whopper Jr w cheese minus meat and loaded it with onion rings and fries between the bun instead.... surprisingly, I am apparently not the only one who orders standard fast food items minus the meat...they are used to it I can tell because nobody flinches when I do..anyhow
. I still cook meat for others.. because .I like to cook..and people like to eat..although sometimes it does make me kind of the thought but I try to push it out of my head...
anywho, I'm babbling... but I wanted to say That was kind of my point in saying we should force everyone to become v to end world hunger....I was trying to point out that it is just as

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