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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
Sorry but claiming to be a self-appointed authority fails to convince.

The NCIC does indeed keep records of stops, warnings, citations, arrests. convictions and other things. And that's just the part we know about.

In the context of my original assertion, the NCIC does indeed keep cross-checkable records of firearms ownership and vehicle ownership.
But claiming something that is false without anything at all to back it up makes it true? Got it. I'll take a simple assertion backed by nothing over personal experience any time.

The NCIC does NOT keep a record of stops, warnings, citations, and arrests. Convictions are stored there. I'd love to see your source for the other stuff. It's factually inaccurate. Local agencies don't even store stops nine times out of ten though warnings and citations are SOMETIMES on files, but not usually. That data is stored locally, but may or may not be available nationally depending on whether the locality that has that info wants to play nice. Again, your statement was, "They already use the database that keeps records of all police contact for everyone in the US to make other key decisions." That statement is factually incorrect. Such a database does not exist.

Lost/stolen/missing firearms are in said database, but it's not a database of every firearm in the US. It's also not a database of every vehicle in the US. Stolen vehicles are there. That's it. Even then, they are only the stolen vehicles people have reported and the various municipalities have entered into the system. So, please check your facts.
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