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Originally Posted by HighSierra View Post
One card that S3 said was bad I was able to reformat in my camera. It's still there and working fine.
The next card that the S3 complained about was successfully reformatted in the S3, but a day later was bad again and couldn't be read or formatted by my camera.
Both were 32GB Lexar class 10 cards. (microSDHC).

Both of these failures were on ICS.
did you run a full format on the cards before using them(no quick format)?

did you format them to exfat from FAT32 or vise versa?

when i bought my samsung 64GB card it was defaulted to exFAT and i did a full format to exFAT. i put it in my S3 and it gave me the "preparing Sd card", "safely remove card" notice and didnt recognize the card. after quick formatting it in my Lg motion i put it back in the S3, it recognized it, and i put all my stuff on it.

i've only had it for less than a week so its too early to tell if it wont have problems. the 32GB samsung card i had in my motion had no issues for the almost 3 weeks i used it in my S3.
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