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Originally Posted by THE W View Post
did you run a full format on the cards before using them(no quick format)?

did you format them to exfat from FAT32 or vise versa?

when i bought my samsung 64GB card it was defaulted to exFAT and i did a full format to exFAT. i put it in my S3 and it gave me the "preparing Sd card", "safely remove card" notice and didnt recognize the card. after quick formatting it in my Lg motion i put it back in the S3, it recognized it, and i put all my stuff on it.

i've only had it for less than a week so its too early to tell if it wont have problems. the 32GB samsung card i had in my motion had no issues for the almost 3 weeks i used it in my S3.
I'm fairly sure that with my first Sandisk 32gb I formatted it in the phone, to whatever file system that was. The card died with no warning just shy of three months of usage. One morning when I was taking my phone off the charger I had a notification it had been removed. Earlier in this thread I documented my contact with Samsung about it.

On my new Sandisk 32 I have done a full format to FAT32. As of now i have done some app backups and transferred some music to it. I am definitely not going to use it for camera storage ever again.
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