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Originally Posted by psionandy View Post
it says that as as a regulated militia is needed then the right to bear arms isn't to be infringed....
skipping over the fact that there aren't any militias in the envisioned sense .. the second half of the clause is dependent on the first half, ie regulation is required. And it doesn't rule out who is /isn't responsible to do it, or the level at which it should be set.
Not so sure you are accurate. Here is a list and apparently, it is a BIG list of militias broken down by state and county.

U.S. National Militia Directory

I should think those that believe our gun rights only apply to militias will find a way to say the militias that apparently exist are not "legal" (whatever that might mean) and therefore, should not have the right to keep and bear arms.

Let's face it . . . regardless of what the constitution says, many people do not want anyone to own guns.
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