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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
Founding Fathers on the subject of Militias:

Thanks for the quotes Bob.. they've certainly added to the debate...
Now if we assume that "the people = the militia" and that the Militia has an essential role. How do we make sure its " well regulated? After all the founding fathers seem to be very convinced that it needs to be.

Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
Let's face it . . . regardless of what the constitution says, many people do not want anyone to own guns.
and thats the nub of the argument.

you have a lot of people who want to own guns (for a variety of different reasons, some of them good - some of them bad) and a lot of people who want them banned (again for good and bad reasons).

Bottom line is that nobody on either side really wants guns in the hands of dangerous terrorists and criminals. Is anyone going to stand up and say 'Gun crime is great?'

So the proper thing to do, is have a real national debate. One where the issues come first and personal agendas, mud-slinging and political expedience are checked at the door.

But sadly that isn't going to happen... because the bigotry, political self interest etc.. are more important.

Now we all know that ain't gonna happen. So the best we can hope for is for someone (this President or the next?) to listen to the people then put forward a set of proposals. Make his (or her) case. Build a cross party coalition what they believe, and put it to the people. If the people go for it then it can move forward, if not then not...
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