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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
The secret to understanding these lists is in knowing how the data was gathered. Until you do, there will be questions like "how the heck did THAT company make the list?
Its not necesserily a list of the 'Best companies to work for' but a list of where the people think they are working at the best companies to work for. A subtle but substantial difference.

Having worked for companies that have made it onto similar lists.. there are 'anonymous' surveys that go are sent to employees of companies that are likely to feature on the list. These are mixed in with numbers like salaries, benefits, training budgets, holidays, staff retention etc...

Whilst these survey results are completely anonymous, i did feel a slight conflict of interest when i was selected to fill one in. Not because i felt any intimidation or fear my employer would find out.. but rather because I liked the company. I wanted them to do well. I knew that coming up higher on one of these lists would help our company when bidding for contracts.. etc.

I hope I answered truthfully, but my opinions would have been covered by that self interest.

Now that effect will apply differently in different companies. I suspect companies like Google will get a bump due to company pride, even if their pay/conditions/benefits are at the highest levels...
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