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Originally Posted by sntaylor View Post
BBC News - Oxfam seeks 'new deal' on inequality from world leaders

So It Would Seem If The 100 Richest People Have Away Just 25% Of Their Wealth Each, It Would End Poverty..... Or Have I Miss Read?
Not sure if I believe it. Bezos is worth 18 billion and Gates is worth 61 billion, but that is not ready cash. It is stocks, bonds, property and the like. The article omits the corruption visited upon many of these dirt poor peoples.

Perhaps we need less taking from the rich and more getting rid of despots.

I do not owe the world a living and if I were to give $5000.00 to the poor in some third world dump, it would find its way into the pockets of rulers that need to be dispatched.

We (America) already do a hell of a lot for the world even though we know the money does not buy Wonder Bread; it purchases Wondrous Castles for rulers that are horrible.
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