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Originally Posted by PrinceCorwin View Post
Once again, the point is missed... the crimes committed with the guns are already against the law. Simply making a law against the tools used is pointless. Of course stealing should be illegal. I never said that crimes should not have corresponding laws. But just because stealing is illegal, we shouldn't make owning a crowbar illegal. Many people use them for purposes other than crime, just like guns.

Is the fog starting to lift a little?
Is anyone calling for all guns for all purposes to be made illegal? I really don't think they are. Rather changes to the system about what types are available for those purposes (including hunting, target shooting, self defence and other legal activities) and changes in how they are purchased etc... The proposals all seem to look like regulation rather than abolition.

Simply having a law against ANYTHING is obviously pointless unless it has a desiried effect, and you won't get that unless its enforced. So clearly what you are crying out for is the law to be well crafted.. and suitable enforcement

Its the logical outcome of what you have posted sir, but i sense that its not really what you want.

Here's an idea of another way you could do it that would target the criminals.

President-elect Reagan was in New York the day after Lennon was shot and was stopped long enough for a reporter to ask him if gun control wasn't the answer. He said, "No, if somebody commits a crime and carries a gun when he's doing it, add five to fifteen years to the prison sentence; it may be a way out." At any rate, I don't think there's any doubt now that one of the first Bills that somebody will put up to the new Congress will be yet another proposal for a federal gun control law.
BBC Radio 4 - Letter from America by Alistair Cooke, John Lennon?s assassination - John Lennon?s assassination

looking through the article its clear to see that not a lot has changed in the last 20 years........
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