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Default Re: Taking Google out of Android

Originally Posted by Rxpert83 View Post
Do you know how?

I'm just wondering how free you can actually get from data gathering. Google, your carrier, your manufacturer
Use CM as a base, strip it down. Some of the CleanRoms make an excellent starting point for an HTC as well, having targeted no carrier/maker chatter. If using a Prevail, I'd start with CTMod, Bloodawn cleaned up a lot there. So the rom to use as the starting point depends on the phone, but a number of rom devs care about this.

Many of the Linux network and process monitoring tools are available to the savvy user, to confirm that traffic only goes out where expected.

Finally, with a little more know how, many phones, certainly the Sprint HTCs and others, can have all network traffic routed through an anonymous proxy.

Anything that your phone can do in airplane mode, it can do with the intrusive connections stripped out. And that's a lot.

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