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Default What have I done w/my life?

So lately I've been feeling some regrets with how I've lived my life. Not the things I've done per se, but more the things I haven't done and I'm wondering if I've totally screwed things up. I seem to get this way every year as my birthday approaches. I'll be 32 so I'm still something of a young pup, but I find myself regretting quite a lot.

On the one hand I've achieved nearly all my major life goals which might say more about how low I set my goals than anything. I make more a year by myself than the average household income in the US. I'm on track to pay off my house early and there's a fairly good chance that I will wake up at 35 with a completely paid for house and no debt in the world which would be incredibly awesome considering I was completely and utterly broke just a few years ago. I'm saving/investing for retirement and once the house is paid off I can, if I choose, really up that amount and become filthy rich. Retiring comfortably when I'm 50 is my other life goal (at the least I want the ability to be able to do so if I wish) and from where I am sitting I think I can realistically hit that if I wish.

Beyond that I don't have many other goals. There are 3-4 places I'd like to see, but honestly I could get to all of them this year if I really wanted to. Lord willing, I will get to see all of them in the next few years.

But then it occurs to me that maybe I'm missing something. I have some good friends who are celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary this month. I'd have to live past 90 to even get there if I got married tomorrow. I have achieved the goals I've achieved mainly because I've focused solely on them and shut out other things that sometimes seem to me to be just as important. I have never had a serious relationship (embarrassing I know) mainly because I've focused on school and then my career. So I've had a successful career and enjoyed financial success while most of my friends have been married close to 10 years now and have 2-3 kids (who are all extremely cute btw). I'm wondering if my priorities are all wrong and I'm missing the important things.

Any thoughts or advice. I picture myself waking up at 35 with no debt, paid for house, money in the bank, cushy retirement savings and no one at all to share any of that with. It's got me kind of depressed lately, but that may be partly the birthday thing. This is the path I'm on though. I'm not entirely convinced it's a bad path, but I still feel like I'm missing something.
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