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Originally Posted by Mostly Harmless View Post
I really never understood why anyone would want to take the Google out of Android. Google is Android and their services are what makes Android run seamless throughout the day. When I sign into my Google account from any Android device the following automatically happens:

-contacts get sync'ed up
-gmail gets sync'ed up
-music library gets sync'ed up
-book library (including spots I left off) are sync'ed up from each device
-bookmarks are sync'ed up
-webpages across any chrome browser where I am signed in is sync'ed up
-apps are sync'ed up

I am really not trying to be rude but why buy into Android if you don't trust Google? Google is the company who gave us this great operating system.
I can understand it, it is a little Big Brother-ish if you think about it. I don't blindly trust Google or any other company, and Google hasn't always been the most trustworthy when it comes to privacy. Personally I'm too lazy to go as far as the op is talking about, but cheers to those willing to make the effort. Remember that when something is given to us for free, either Google, Android, or Facebook, etc, we are no longer consumers, we are the product being sold. Some of us have more tolerance for that than others.
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