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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
Forgive me, but if you say your diet makes you unhealthy, then why visit your problems on the rest of the world? Meat will not kill you. Period.

Excessive meat consumption may or may not be healthy. For many decades, we had the Food Pyramid. This was a guide to healthy eating. It included milk, grains, fruit, meat and fish.

Moderation is the key, not omitting certain foods. We are animals, basically, and eating meat is what we the animals have always done.
My diet has pretty much always been unhealthy..I am and always have been a picky eater..I was being truthful when I said I basically live on potato chips and beer..forgot chocolate Potato chips beer taco bell pizza and chocolate milk are my staples. Surprisingly I'm pretty healthy..or at least i Look healthy so ASSumption is that I am healthy.. and people DO judge books by their covers. but that's another subject...seriously though I have noticed that not eating meat has made me loose some muscle strenghth..I'm probably the only one who can tell..but I Doc said he could tell too..but he is my friend and a smarty pants like me and was harassing me for fun...but did say I needed to stay on top of that...because it could be a problem down the road.... anyway so now I drink protein suppliments...
anyway I was being sarcastic when I said everyone should go veg..It is my own personal choice to not eat meat and it is because if I think about it...(and I DO think too much)the thought of slaughtering and eating another living being makes me ill.
by all means..meat on!.. all you like though..It's not for me to judge...
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