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I know what you mean about Birthday's and regrets and bad decisions and...oh wait you didn't say bad decisions..that one was mine seriously It sounds to me as though you are on the right path. You are young ambitious smart. Relax.. honest.if you want a wife and family,( wait I'm assuming you are a guy) either way... you have plenty of time to find someone to share your life with. And you will...
22 years old. ( you said you have friends married 10 years already etc...) is way too young for most people in my opinion to know who you are and what you want in life let alone start having children!! Yikes!!! not to be gloom and doom but in the US more than 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce so waiting until you know yourself and what you want and most importantly what you DON'T want.. is setting yourself up for success in a relationship. That is a good thing..a smart thing..and you will find someone who understands and appreciates you

hang in are young ..but old enough to know better so as I see are exactly on the right path!!
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