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Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
I find regrets to be good, as long as they propel me to do something about them. But I think some people tend to either over do or under do that part of all humans (to regret).

We either cover them up, some even bragging "I never regret." And some slipping quietly into depression "My life is a waste." Etc.

In between those things, in my opinion, there seems to be an opportunity to grow, become closer to people/things/nature/God (for those so inclined), etc.

Just my opinion.
I've seen people who claim they live life with no regrets and personally I don't understand it. How can they not regret a single thing they've ever done? Have these people never made a mistake in their lives? Or do they consider falling on their face in the mud only to discover that they're not face down in mud, but it's actually manure to be an amazing learning experience? I don't get that at all, but I think anyone who's been around in life long enough has been there. Maybe more than once. Usually because we failed to learn our less the first time. At least that's been my experience.

I don't know. I kind of feel like the older you get in life the more your choices become limited. You hit kindergarten age and you'll never be the Gerber baby. You reach high school age and you'll probably never be an Olympic gymnast. As you get older, more and more doors close for you. I'll never be married 60 years. Another 4-5 years and being married 50 yrs becomes unlikely as well. Already I will never be the next Mark Zuckerberg with more billions than years of life. So I kind of wonder what doors have been closed to me permanently and whether I've reached the point where my decisions that I've made are now permanent whether I want them to be or not.
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