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Originally Posted by botsareafterus View Post
Hi all, at the risk of angering android fans, I seek to find a way to remove google's influence over my android installation. I recently bought my first android phone, but I am bothered that a Google account was required to use the phone. A lot of the apps from voice search on down seem to send my personal data to google. All my settings and apps are stored with google.

This worries me a lot. Google is a marketing company that can afford to make android free because we're willing to give up privacy to use its services. Our voice searches, locations, email, calendar everything is fed to the company so that it can "anonymize" it and turn it over to marketers.

I don't like to give up my privacy. I'd like to use my phone as I do my PC. I don't want to be forced to create an account with one large surveillance company to use an open source OS. I don't want my voice searches sent off the phone and I definitely don't want to surrender my physical location.

I want to root the phone and install a security and privacy driven custom ROM on it. I want to replace Google's privacy-intruding services with other options. Where there are no alternatives to Google, I want to find some way of running my searches through an anonymizer before sending it off to Google.

Is this possible? What ROMs would be best suitable to this? Would the people at androidforums please help me achieve this?
welcome. I have a question, didn't you know about android and how your device would operate before purchasing? I dont get emails or ad in emails on my desktop or mobile device. Sound like you need to know more about Google & android before doing something so drastic.

Why buy an Android device is you don't want the functionality of the device.
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