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Originally Posted by Szadzik View Post
A few reasons:

1. I hate when people spread unconfirmed information based on a 0.00005% occurrences.

2. People will come here and believe now that very single card that dies, dies because of the S3, which of course is untrue.

3. I know how research and statistics work and cannot stand it when someone says that the phone causes all the trouble when there is no reason to believe 90% of the stuff in this thread.

4. I am a no-BS person and just hate anything that balances on the verge of a myth, urban legend, misconception, misinformation, arrogance and this thread represents everything I just mentioned.

5. The result of threads like this: newbies coming here and believing what all the people with dead cards say.

6. Half of those cards, and especially in the case of users who had 2 of them dead in 2 different S3s might just as well have died from viruses on a PC the S3 was connected to.

If you do not understand the fact that there are other reasons for a card to die other than manufacturing fault or S3, you should really go out there and do some proper research on how all that works.
For such an ardent believer in hard numbers and statistics it sure looks like you take liberties making up your own percentages in items 1, 3, and 6.

I get your point, nobody knows exactly what is causing the SD failures. However, for the people who are experiencing the issue with an S3, statistics mean very little. The problem is very real for them and it should be ok for them to discuss the issue or even infer the problem may be related to the phone. In the world of statistics, this is after all a viable possibility, even if a remote one.

Don't get so hung up on what people may or may not think after reading this or any other thread. As a statistics guy, you know that a miniscule percentage of Galaxy S3 owners frequent web forums. Also, it's true that hardly anyone ever comes to a forum to say "my phone is working fine". The nature of the forums lends itself to discuss problems so most threads are just that.

The point of the forum should be to discuss, whether we agree or not. I have read these forums as I research my next phone. Tonight, I will be buying an S3 to replace my iPhone 4S. This thread is not going to keep me from buying the phone or using an SD card but I'm glad I read about it and I'm going into it making an informed decision.
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