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Originally Posted by fdbryant3 View Post
Data like any other tool can be used for good or ill.

There is a lot of new advances in many areas of science that is coming from access to large annonymized data sets. More accurate health screening. Better predictions on wher a disease is spreading. Better traffic management. Better energy management. Better weather and climate predictions. On and on and on in ways we haven't even begun to imagine.

Can it be abused? Certainly as you say history has shown that. Of course since it is history it means not having access to this data hasn't done a damn thing to stop it. If anything I would suggest it is because we didn't have access to this sort of data that allowed these sort of abuses to happen.

I am sure you'd like to tell me about the evils of big government and big business. Fine that is want vigilence is for, to keep them in line and in check. For all the examples of abuses you can come up with take a moment to consider the actual world we live in and how much of it is shaped by that government and those businesses. Would you really want to give up things like electricity, modern food, modern medicine, communication, transportation, the Internet, etc, etc. Even our desitute have better lives because of the governement and businesses.

Yes it isn't a perfect world. There is a lot that still needs improving and made more efficient. We have a big problem in distribution. In a lot of areas we have more than plenty to support everyone. What we don't have is ways of being able to efficiently distribute those resources. It isn't even a matter of greed, just that it simply isn't sustainably feasible to try and do so. A lot of those answers are going to come from studying the private data that is being gathered by the multitude of sources.

Does this mean we have to give up complete privacy? I don't believe so. Nor is my point to convince you to use Google or even take off your tinfoil hat. My point is for all the fear you have of what could happen and trying to hide from it, the world is becoming a better place by what is happening. Fear of tyranny is tyranny itself. The answer isn't to grab our guns and lock ourselves away in a bunker (although that would be the only way you get true privacy) but to be vigilant and hold companies and government responsible to do lets say the better things and minimize the worst.

Try and consider the potential good, for you personally and for society with as much weight as you consider the potential bad (granted we actually aren't wired to do that well, but try anyway).
All good points. But not directly relevant, because there is no good reason for Google to design Android so that I must make available to it my contacts list. Only Google wins by doing that. At best I gain access to an OS, at worst I end up in a gulag.

Individuals and entities have always tried to rig the system to profit themselves the most. And it's up to people to protest when they do that. I can't force Apple or Microsoft to change their policies or OS, but with an open source OS, I can do something to reduce the reaming that Google's trying to give me.

Originally Posted by KENNECTED View Post
welcome. I have a question, didn't you know about android and how your device would operate before purchasing? I dont get emails or ad in emails on my desktop or mobile device. Sound like you need to know more about Google & android before doing something so drastic.

Why buy an Android device is you don't want the functionality of the device.
I had assumed that in an open source system there would be choice. I thought of it as a mobile version of Ubuntu. I thought at worst it would be like Windows 8 where I would be offered the option to link the Windows account to Sky drive.

I don't think there was a skip option available in stock Android. Never did I dream that there would be no choice at all. Link to Google or don't use the phone. I thought a requirement like that would prompt protests in front of Google's offices. Instead, people are sitting here complacently handing Google all the information it wants in exchange for a toy. I still can't believe it.

Why is it that if the government were to demand your a list of all the people you know and your plans for the next couple of weeks, that would be a major problem but if Google does it by calling it backing up your contacts list and calendar to their cloud, it's all hunky dory and I'm a tinfoil hat wearing lunatic? If the government wanted all your data, why threaten and demand when people are eagerly throwing their data at you? They could go directly to Google and demand that they turn it over. And what could Google do?
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