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Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Samsung commodity craptop. 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 17 inch screen, blah, blah, blah. Having had a Chromebook in my mind I stuck to that pricepoint and that's what I spent. Going from a 9 year old laptop with 512MB Ram and an abacus for a processor, its night and day.

Still don't like Win8, so I'll probably wind up with a Linux dual boot. I just have to get to a store and get some blank DVDs so I can make some restore discs incase I mess something up.
Yeah, my laptop is pretty much a piece of crap, but works just fine. No interest in "upgrading" to Win8. 7 is just fine.
Surprised you found a Samsung for that price!

Originally Posted by Liamo_210 View Post
Laptop spelt wrong.
Just messin with ya!
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