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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
In a way, probably. Part of the cost of doing business is the insurance which I assume is there to protect the restaurant.

We do not pay for food poisoning; we occasionally get that as a free bonus. I visited a place that just could not get it through their head that undercooked chicken was not a good idea. Perfect way to get poisoned.

Some places no longer offer real Cesar Salads or rare steaks. Those that do, warn us patrons of the hazards of undercooked/raw food.
Seriously....that is bad! Litigation has gone to far, it has caused the health and safety over kill and I believe it has escalated in America! It never used to be a problem for food waste to be given away but now, because of fear of litigation, supermarkets cannot give away items out of date! Part of the reason I like to go to our local shop for daily items(have actually been given some veg free as it would otherwise have been getting thrown out, all I had to do was cut around the bit that had started going off!) and only do occasional big shops at the supermarkets...get most neat products from local farm shop which is cheaper than supermarkets anyway!

Obviously giving away money ain't going to solve the issues immediately, especially with corruption in many countries(developed as well!) However I would say it's wrong to say you don't owe the world a living....we all do, part of the issue is one another without wanting something in return, not to fear others...but that's going back to gun discussion :-P

Clearly, no one has"the" answer, but done countries are suffering because of us in the developed world causing pollution which is creating droughts and other adverse weather conditions...some countries grow specific items which rather than feed the people, governments sell for the use of biofuels!
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