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Originally Posted by botsareafterus View Post
Please don't take offense
I'm not, my role here doesn't give me that luxury. I'm simply trying to ensure that nobody else does. Plus also attempting to keep the thread on-topic so that responses are of some help to you.

I wasn't suggesting that I was the only intelligent person who understands the true insidious nature of Android.
There are also many intelligent people who don't view Android like that. The close relationship between Google and Android has never been a secret, after all. In fact it's often prominent in advertising material for the various devices.

During install I looked for an option to skip providing the email link, but I couldn't find one.
That's odd. I set up Android handsets daily for customers and always skip the creation of a Google account when the option appears, unless the new owner asks for help to do so. I'm not sure why you don't get the same option.

Even if it could be skipped, there is an uncomfortable amount of integration with Google services.
With no associated Google account there is no integration with Google. No access to Google Play, no sync of information, no push Gmail etc.

I couldn't find an option to use other cloud services. Perhaps its because I'm unfamiliar with the OS.
Most such services, such as Dropbox, simply require installing a free app in order to use them. This is beyond Google's control; they can't integrate a service unilaterally.
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