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Originally Posted by Frostypawz View Post
If the corruption occurs when the cards are written to by the phone (as a poster earlier suggested),it would be interesting to know if their have been failures of cards used for READ ONLY.If you put music on an external card from your pc and then put the card in your phone then shouldn't your card remain uncorrupted if this is true? Just a thought....
You might be right actually... but the problem is that most people want the camera to save photos to the sdcard as a way to have their pictures saved outside of the phone memory. This would obviously risk corrupting the card.

I suppose if you relied on backing up photos to Dropbox, say, you could avoid writing to the card but not everyone has a large or unlimited data plan.

It's not really acceptable to have to avoid writing to external memory. The device should be capable of this basic function without corruption and data loss.
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