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Originally Posted by pastafarian View Post
The StarTacs were so much smaller and thinner than the phones that preceded them that they often felt like they were from the future. Motorola at its absolute peak of creativity, then a long slide down since. Battery life was awful, especially for the early non digital models. Looking back on them, I don't know how I tolerated the software interface. Even compared to many of its contemporaries, it was a task to use and configure. I remember layers and layers of menu's, some features buried 3-4 layers deep. The things we did for the ability to pocket a phone.
Pocket the phone? The coolest thing about the StarTAC phones were that you could wear them on your belt, and with the sideways belt clip the phone was no wider than the belt itself!

Mine had great battery life. It had the LCD display. No doubt the ones with LED displays consumed more power.

IMHO the RAZR was a worthy successor to the StarTAC.
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