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Originally Posted by PrinceCorwin View Post
Once again, the point is missed... the crimes committed with the guns are already against the law. Simply making a law against the tools used is pointless. Of course stealing should be illegal. I never said that crimes should not have corresponding laws. But just because stealing is illegal, we shouldn't make owning a crowbar illegal. Many people use them for purposes other than crime, just like guns.
Well said.

I carry a pretty complete tool kit in my truck, including a crowbar that I originally bought to chip ice off the pavement when I had to park outside. Now it's just there in case I'm ever the first on the scene of a wreck, and need something to pry open a car door...and to open wooden crates of course.

What's sad is that I could be tried and convicted of "burglary tools" because I would want to save someone from dying in a burning car.

In another case, a cop told me that I couldn't have a flashlight in the passenger compartment of my car "because it could be used as a club". That was ironic, considering that the cop was there because someone had used his car as a battering ram in a fit of road rage.'s OK to use the deadly force of a car to express anger, but the world must be made safe from people who might use a flashlight for anything other than its intended purpose!

The law books are brimming with redundant and discriminatory laws that benefit only a select few, and can be abused to ruin innocent lives. The last thing that this country needs is more of the same. So-called "preventive laws" that punish people based on a presumption that they might commit a real crime violate the word and the spirit of the Constitution.

Never mind the 2nd Amendment; how about the presumption of innocence? This isn't "The Minority Report". Making new laws with the intention of preventing a crime, but not giving each and every affected person their right to due process is wrong.
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