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Getting married and having kids is horrendously overrated in this day and age. I for one for many personal reasons will never have kids, shortly because I like my freedom, money and low stress life and in don't want to give that up, along with I don't want to pass on my families curse of mental depression and alcohol abuse to a child, enough of my family has been hurt by those and I'm ending it. I'm 32 as well. I've always been selfish since I was a boy and the older I get, the more opionated and inflexible I become, and though I've thought and dreamt about meeting someone special. I have such high standard and deal breakers that pretty much no woman on this planet can meet. It's taken awhile to think about this, but after a long term relationship in had for 5 years ended because I wasn't happy in it for a good while, my standards for relationships in the future for higher.

I hate to die alone, but I'd rather be alone, happy and mostly carefree then be neutered and having to change who I am for someone else just so in have another warm body in bed? Am I bitter and angry sounding? You bet I am, you would be to after the life I've had so far as an unwanted, non sociable, introverted nerd that was never popular in all my years of school and all but ignored by woman in general. Thank God I had at least loving and protecting parents that me and my sister were able to grow up to be decent hard working people.
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