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. I wasn't suggesting that I was the only intelligent person who understands the true insidious nature of Android. Then I'd really be a whackjob.
As Slug has said, there are tons of very intelligent people who do not view Android in this manner. I have absolutely no hesitation with using Android the way it was meant to be used.

Even if it could be skipped, there is an uncomfortable amount of integration with Google services. I couldn't find an option to use other cloud services. Perhaps its because I'm unfamiliar with the OS.
Google=Android=Google=Android=Google (I can type that all day long), Google designed Android to work with their products so why wouldn't there be a large amount on integration? Not to mention there are a lot of people who see this integration not as "uncomfortable" but rather as useful (myself included).

Like I said in my previous post I enjoy the fact that by signing in with my gmail account all my information is automatically available on any device. When I purchased my Nexus 7 it didn't take more then a few minutes to have my email, music, documents, bookmarks etc... all sync'ed up. It truly is the beauty on Android. Why anyone wouldn't want that is beyond me.

Not to mention that Google has a history of refusing to give up data on their users. In 2005 they refused to give up any search data to the Justice Department. They do guard their users data because if they didn't they would fall in a heart beat.
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