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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
The plain truth is that you can't change the path that you've already taken. But you can change your future path.

IME it gets harder and harder to make new friends and find "the right one" to marry after age 30. If I had it to do over again, I would have been more aggressive in my youth about finding the right girl and settling down. I had a lot more good prospects in my 20s than I've had in the two decades since. Your mileage may vary, but generally speaking it gets harder as you get older. Unless you're willing to marry a gold-digger that is.
Finding the right one at my age gets increasingly unlikely. I'm not gonna lie. I know some great and awesome women my age, but all of them are married. The smart guys snatched them up 6-7 years ago at the least. I look around me in my circle and find I have three prospects none of which are appealing. One is an extremely quiet girl who is too shy to speak to me. We actually went out once and she wouldn't talk to me the entire time. It was awful and we are not even close to being compatible. The next one is a year old than me but works fast food and lives w/her mom. Ugh. Plus I've been friend zoned there anyway. The third is a 19 yr old single mom. Double ugh with the age difference and ready made family. I really don't think I ever want to have a kid. Of course I'm a 32 yr old geek with limited social skills so I ain't exactly a catch myself.

Then there is the gold digger thing that I've thought about quite a bit lately. If I met someone tomorrow I would wonder if they were into me because of me or because of my money. I'll give my friends one thing, they got married when they were young, just getting ready to graduate college or just graduated college and were all broke. They've come up in the world since then as we all have, but their wives have been with them the entire way so there's no way you can say they married them for their money.
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