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Originally Posted by daniel_may1986 View Post
So is my best bet to get a bluetooth dongle? I'm just not sure what the sound is like through them. I'd be getting one with aptx but still don't know. Also do you know if the onkyo utb-1 bluetooth dongle works with my system. It states it works from the one up from mine which is a network receiver but surely its the bluetooth dongle that's transmitting the sound n not the actual hifi. Thanks for replying
Sorry for the necro, but if you're still looking at this, I'd try the headphone jack first, since it's a ~$5 cable instead of an expensive part. If your receiver has a 3.5 mm input jack, you just need a 3.5 mm male to male cable (the kind you use to hook a phone or mp3 player into the aux in jack in a car stereo.) If it doesn't, you'll need a 3.5 to RCA cable, which has the plug for your headphone jack on one end, and the red and white stereo cables for your receiver on the other end.

Edit: Derp, misread the OP. Just to make sure, did you have the volume on your phone all the way up when you had it connected by the cable? Digital volume controls do weird things to sound quality, especially if the DAC isn't all that hot. Standard practice is to turn your phone's volume all the way up, and adjust the playback volume at the stereo. You can look into the Bluetooth dongle, but if it's only listed for the next model up, I doubt it will work with your receiver. Stuff like that usually connects through a proprietary jack, and if your model doesn't have that jack, or doesn't have the firmware to interact with the dongle when connected to it, it won't work.
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