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Originally Posted by Zephyrian View Post
I don't mean, nor intend to be a 'pain,' but I'm not a flashing expert quite yet. I am having a bit of difficulty on how to do this on this forum. Is there a thread with a walkthrough on how to achieve this step-by-step? I really don't want to brick my phone. For example, Should I clear Dalvik, format, etc.?

Understood. I can't find the thread containing the following rom anymore, but should I just simply flash to the original "stock" ROM, call Virgin, have them fix the MSID issue?

Thanks in advance. I'm an idiot.
Sheesh, a little hard on your self?
To do a nandroid backup you enter recovery *reboot to recovery or power up while holding both volume buttons) and look for backup and restore. Then backup. you would need enough space on your SDcard. Then grab the UROOT ROM that you can get to by looking at my signature (Look ma...) You might want to modify it like I did. I went inside it with WinRAR and removed the recovery.img and rremoved the entry in the updater script. I think I'll upload that later to the MTDEV wesite.

Any way, the rest should be easy. Do your thing , remember that you don't need to be setup on stock just to change your MSID, And when you are done, back to recovery *you will have to replace the factory recovery if you didn't remove it from the ROM) an back to backup and resotre... You know.
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