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So In The Long Term, Why Would A Ban On guns Not Help?

It Wouldn't Stop All Gun Crime, Let's Face It, Nothing Will! The Death Penalty Doesn't Stop These People So Why Would Having To Register A Gun?

At Least A Ban Would Cut Down The Number Of Guns Available To Purchase, And Over Time Gun Crime Would Come Down.

This Is Obviously Not An Option Though Because Of The Second amendment..... Something That Seems To Me, Was Written Out Of Fear?

Every Argument I Have Heard About Guns, Comes Down To Fear? I Can't Help But Feel Sorry For You As It Seems To Me, reading These Arguments, You Live Your Life In Constant Fear....I Have T
To Carry A Gun In Case I Get Robbed/Someone Else Starts Shooting Up/Aliens Invade

I Walk Down The Street Without A Thought Of Being Mugged Or Anything ElseWe Don't Have Guns So Don't Fear The Few Available On The Black Market.... Its Different If People Use Them For Hunting/Target practise..... I'm Only 5Ft7 And Built Like A Twig, So Not Like I Can Really Protect Myself From Being Jumped Etc.... But I Still Don't Feel A Need To Carry A Weapon For Protection!
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